Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing Edmonton

Professional Indoor Air Quality Testing in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Commercial and residential services

Ithaca Health and Environment provides a wide range of professional indoor air quality testing services and advice to ensure that the air in and around your home or workplace is healthy, including:

  • Measuring air pollutants, including gases, particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to demonstrate compliance with health-related and environmental standards and develop solutions to air quality problems.
  • Identifying and quantifying pollutants, their sources, health risks and the action required.
  • Dealing with odour, damp, ventilation, radon and other air quality problems.
  • Identifying, measuring and minimizing emissions from building components, materials, paints, office equipment, furnishings, combustion appliances and consumer products – measurements are carried out to relevant standards and legislation.
  • Quantifying home ventilation rates for to compare them with standards and requirements for health.